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Tree & Shrub Care

Your Expert Tree and Shrub Care Specialists

Welcome to Galloway Enterprises, your go-to destination for all your residential and commercial tree and shrub care needs!

Transform Your Landscape with Professional Pruning

Our team of skilled arborists is dedicated to enhancing the health and appearance of your trees and shrubs through expert pruning techniques. With our precise pruning methods, we can shape and rejuvenate your plants, making them the envy of the neighborhood.

Say Goodbye to Unsightly Sprouts

Unwanted sprouts taking over your beautiful landscape? We specialize in sprout removal, ensuring that your trees and shrubs remain healthy and free from excessive growth. Trust our experts to eliminate those pesky sprouts and restore the beauty of your outdoor space.

Nourish Your Plants with Tailored Fertilization

Give your plants the nutrients they need to thrive with our customized fertilization services. Our team will assess the specific requirements of your trees and shrubs, providing them with a targeted fertilization plan that promotes growth, resilience, and overall vitality.

Protect Your Greenery with Safe Herbicide & Pesticide Treatment

Keep pests at bay without harming your precious greenery. At Galloway Enterprises, we utilize safe and effective herbicides environmentally friendly, and pesticide treatments to safeguard your trees and shrubs from harmful insects or diseases. Rest easy knowing that our environmentally-friendly solutions will protect both your landscape and the ecosystem.

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