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About Galloway Enterprises

With over 30 years in the Property Maintenance Business, Galloway Enterprises is proud to offer the most modern state-of-the-art, and in some cases, custom-built equipment for every aspect of our services.

We have 25+ years of power washing experience. We are members of the PWNA (Power Washers of North America), with annual, continuing education programs to remain at the top of our field. We utilize environmentally friendly chemicals. We have custom, self-contained power washing equipment from 8 GPM@ @ 3,500 psi to 12 GPM @ 4,000 psi hot and cold water, plus we offer soft wash as well.

Galloway Enterprises has been a property services company since 2003, doing business in South Carolina since 2015 as an SBE and MBE, specializing in all facets of property maintenance.

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